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CCA105 – Central Coast Area Total Price $705,000

Top location in a very busy shopping strip surrounded by excellent coffee lounges ( Cafes )  and boutique stores with Butcher, Bakery, Bank,  plus an IGA along with two substantial Car parking areas this Newsagency/Post Office completes the  Shopping story in East Gosford.

The results speak for themselves. Two husband and wife teams working only 45 hours a week per team  have owned and run this exciting and very profitable 250 m2 of retail space plus 100 m2 of storage, parking and office facilities, for 30 years. Their comfort zone has arrived and now retirement is the next step.

  • One look at the excellent management  procedures in place, plus the store itself, will demonstrate the enormous potential with fresh  approach, renewed vigour and some expansion on the business model previously initiated by the current owners, will become apparent that this business has GROWTH in spades. Even a new lease can be determined for the term period to suit lenders. This stable and improving business is waiting for you to contact us for a full Business Profile and/or a discussion on every facet of this incredible business future. Graeme Day 0407 206 016
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Accordingly, I undertake that I shall treat any information I obtain in the strictest confidence and I shall not communicate or disclose or allow to be communicated or disclosed any such information to any person or persons without the prior written consent of Business Performance Brokers.

I further undertake that I will use any information which I obtain solely for the purpose of evaluating my proposed purchase of the assets and for no other purpose whatsoever and that I shall return any documents if requested to do so by Business Performance Brokers.

It is understood that this agreement applies to the staff and the vendors in that they should not be approached or spoken to regarding the sale of the business unless express permission is authorised by Business Performance Brokers.

I acknowledge that professional care and diligence have been exercised in the preparation of any information I receive and that this information is not intended to be regarded as legal or accounting advice. I understand that I should seek advice and conduct my own due diligence through independent advisors.

I acknowledge that neither the company nor any member of the company undertake responsibility in any way whatsoever to any person in respect of the forecasts and estimates, including errors or omissions therein, however caused.

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