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  • BMA109 Blue Mountains Area

    • Main Street Frontage NO Delivery full agency status.
    • Easily run with Husband and Wife and an assistant working 3 days per week.
    • Complete shop refit  including Lotteries new Generation One Retail Image
    •  Asking $230k plus S.A.V. for net return of $111,870 p.a.

    Est. Total Price: $290,000

  • BMA112 – Blue Mountains Area

    • Incredible vogue fit out in an Historic Post Office building in a village atmosphere in Leura.
    • Excellent trading, profitable delivery, wonderful opportunity to grow.
    • Owners retiring after a lifetime in the area and many years in the newsagency.
    • Accountants’ figures Nets $2773 p.w. G.W. $149K.  plus  F&F and S.A.V.

    Est. Total Price: $400,000

  • CCA103 Central Coast Area

    • Neighbourhood location with Schools close by.
    • Very profitable Distribution/Agent contract.
    • Wages could easily be reduced with active H&W team.
    • Nets after extra wages and rent  $100,650k p.a.
    • Goodwill including F & F $150k + S.A.V.
    • Freehold $250k

    Est. Total Price: $240,000 + FREEHOLD $250k

  • CCA105 – Central Coast Area

    • Post Office (all facilities including passport interviews)
    • Mail Boxes post code 2250
    • Contracted Home Delivery
    • NSW State lotteries – Latest Fit-out with Screen
    • Easy 45 hrs p.w worked by each couple  Nets total $3,479 p.w.

    Est. Total Price: $705,000

  • CCA106 Central Coast Area

    • Priced to Sell- same owners 30 years.
    • Most promising growth 1.15 hrs North of Sydney.
    • Great opportunity with excellent base earnings to develop future.
    • Promising new beginnings with new increased clientele- new owners.
    • Excellent long term staff and fully maintained computer systems.
    • Easily netts $102k p.a.

    Est. Total Price: $235,000

  • CCA159 Central Coast Area

    • Strictly retail -no deliveries.
    • Brilliant location with great operating facilities.
    • Partnership of two with casual staff nets over $112k p.a.
    • Opportunity to remix outlet with new concept.

    Est. Total Price: $140,000

  • CCA164 Central Coast Area

    • Run efficiently by Wife only plus staff.
    • All the services plus very profitable Delivery.
    • Very large shop with excellent rent.
    • A restructuring dream for two operators.
    • Five and two half days per week.

    Est. Total Price: $170,000

  • CCA168 – Central Coast Area

    • No Deliveries
    • Large 180 sq.metres of retail excellence.
    • Transitioning to new Retail expressions.
    • Toys, Games, Gifts.
    • Owners work Mon to Thurs plus  half day Fri.
    • Netts $107k plus more.

    Est. Total Price: $245,000

  • CMA 100 Camden Area

    • Great presentation of Retail opportunity.
    • Excellent rent per metre size with new lease.
    • More income with Husband and Wife operation.
    • Easily nets $110k p.a.
    • Priced at $165k incl Fixtures and Fittings plus S.A.V.

    Est. Total Price: $243,000

  • HDS 106 Hills District Suburbs

    • Excellent Business and Living Environment
    • Obvious future growth for those interested in improvement
    • Earning excellent money whilst initiating improvements
    • Nets $126,500 p.a.
    • G.W. incl all fixtures & equipment $145k.

    Est. Total Price: $225,000

  • MNC122 Mid North Coast

    • Comprehensive mix of products and services incl L.P.O.
    • Excellent exposure with main road  position.
    • Convenience shopping creates loyal clientele
    • Nets $3,076 p.w. for proposed H&W
    • G/W including F&F $240k  + S.A.V.

    Est. Total Price: $275,000

  • MRA 104 – Murray River Area

    • Located in a prominent position in a busy strip shopping area
    • Excellent and profitable home delivery enhances a strong, loyal client base
    • Opportunity to incorporate gifts to compliment card & wrap offerings
    • Nets $2,397 P.W. with solid proposed wage structure.
    • Goodwill $290,000 including F & F + S.A.V.

    Est. Total Price: $400,000

  • MSC155 Mid South Coast

    • Nowra to Sanctuary Point 30 mins by car.
    • New Lease available.
    • Lotto $100k Commissions,  Rent $36k per annum.
    • Easily run with couple with days off, incl. casual to suit.
    • Starting Net of  $104k p.a. is underrated when you look into the operation.

    Est. Total Price: $210,000-$249,000

  • RIV106 Riverina

    • Same owners Husband and Wife team 26 years
    • Dream store to operate – neat, tidy, fully stocked
    • Small Delivery  in Town as well as Mail Run for District
    • Goodwill $230k incl Fixtures & New Lottery image ($30k)
    • Great lease -Nets to owners $92,000 p.a.

    Est. Total Price: $305,000

  • STA115 Southern Tablelands Area

    • Solid newsagency with substantial wage structure
    • The only newsagency in town well known and well established.
    • Lease currently 2X5 years to run
    • Nets $3,410 p. w.
    • Goodwill incl. F & F $180,000 + S.A.V.

    Est. Total Price: $265,000